Apinun Jirun

Member of Board (Chulalongkorn University)

Nationality             Thai
Language              Thai (native), English
Office Address       Division of Orthopaedics, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital (KCMH)
                               1873 Rama IV Road, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
E-mail Address        jirun.a@chulahospital.org


1994-2000    Chulalongkorn University    Medical School            Bangkok, Thailand        Doctor of Medicine (1st Class Honours)
2004-2005    Chulalongkorn University    Medical School            Bangkok, Thailand Graduate Diploma of Clinical Sciences (Surgery)
2004-2008    KCMH                            Bangkok, Thailand                The Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeons of Thailand        Diploma in Orthopaedic Surgery
2008-2009    KCMH                            Bangkok, Thailand                Certificate  in Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy
2010            American Sports Medicine Institute                           Birmingham, AL,USA      (Supervisor : Dr. WG Clancy, JR Andrews & AM McBryde) Observorship in Sports Medicine & Foot-Ankle Surgery
2010            Academic Medical Center                                         Amsterdam, Netherland (Supervisor : Prof. Dr. C. Niek van Dijk)    Visitorship in Foot & Ankle Surgery
2012            Universitätklinikum “Carl Gustav Carus”                 Dresden, Germany        (Supervisor : Prof. Dr. med. Hans Zwipp & Stefan Rammelt)
2012            North District Hspital                                                  Hong Kong, China        (Supervisor : Dr. Tun Hing Lui)                  Clinical Observorship in Orthopaedics & Traumatology  Fellowship in Foot & Ankle Trauma & Reconstruction
2013            Zentrum für Fusschirurgie, Schulthess Klinik                   Zürich, Switzerland       (Supervisor : Dr. med. Pascal Rippstein)      Fellowship in Foot & Ankle Surgery
2013            Orthopädische Klinik, Kantonsspital Baselland                Liestal, Switzerland        (Supervisor : Prof. Dr. Beat Hintermann)    Visitorship in Foot and Ankle Surgery
2013            Groupe Chirurgical Republique & Clinique des Alpes       Grenoble, France    (Supervisor : Dr. Yves Tourné)                 Fellowship in Foot & Ankle Surgery
2013            Instituto Clinico Humanitas                                                 Rozzano, Italy        (Supervisor : Dott. Alexander Kirienko)      Clinical Attendant in Foot Surgery by Ilizarov Methodology
2013            Instituto Ortopedico Rizzoli of Bologna                              Bologna, Italy        (Supervisor : Prof. Sandro Giannini)            Fellowship in Foot and Ankle Surgery
2013-2014    Avon Orthopaedic Centre, North Bristol NHS Trust        Bristol, UK            (Supervisor : Mr. Ian Winson, Mr. William Harries)        Clinical Fellowship in Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Surgery

Training Courses

2007    AFSM Team Physician Development Course                                     Pattaya, Thailand    Attendant
2008    International Arthroscopic Skills Lab                                                  Singapore    Participant
2009    GEAP-EWAS Advanced wrist arthroscopic workshop                      Lukang, Taiwan    Participant
2011    AO Trauma Course – Advances in Operative Fracture Management    Chiang Mai, Thailand    Participant
2013    Wet Lab Practical Foot Surgery                                                     Lucerne, Switzerland    16th Surgical Skill Course Hindfoot    Participant
2013    Ortho SUV Frame : Nuovo Sistema di Fissazione Esterna Esapodalico   Pavia, Italy    Participant
2014    Zenith Total Ankle Replacement Lab                                              Bristol, UK    Participant
2015    AO Trauma Course – Foot and Ankle                                             Bangkok, Thailand    Faculty National

Affiliated Associations

•    Thai Medical Association
•    The Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeons of Thailand (RCOST)
•    Thai Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine (TOSSM)
•    Thai Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (THOFAS)
•    European Foot and Ankle Society (EFAS)

Work Experiences

2000-2004    Thai rural community hospitals                Kanchanaburi, Thailand        Position    : Intern & General Practitioner
2004-2009    Division of Orthopaedics, KCMH               Bangkok, Thailand        Position    : Resident & Fellow
2010-Present    Division of Orthopaedics, KCMH           Bangkok, Thailand        Position : Consultant

Presentations & Publications

•    Apinun J, Krittayakeeron K. New instruments in hemostasis. In : Pak-at R (editor), Surgical Reviews. Bangkok, Thailand: Parbpim Publishing; 2005.
•    Apinun J. Haglund’s syndrome. In : Tanthawichian T, Suankratai C, Jirasiritham S, et al. (editors), Contemporary medicine. Bangkok, Thailand: Chulalongkorn publishing; 2011.
•    Apinun J, Kuptniratsaikul S. Impingement syndrome of the shoulder. Chula Med J 2012; 56(3); 343-58.
•    Apinun J, Kuptniratsaikul S. Arthroscopic PCL reconstruction – Transtibial, single-bundle technique. In : Sudhassanee V (editor), TOSSM Advances in Cruciate Ligaments. Bangkok, Thailand: Concept Medicus; 2012.
•    Charoenlap C, Hongsaprabhas C, Apinun J, Kuptniratsaikul S. Novel arthroscopic technique for solitary enchondroma of distal femur. Poster presentation in 9th Asia Pacific musculoskeletal tumor society meeting 2012. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.