THOFAS Annual Meeting

July 11, 2016
At Klang Hospital, Bangkok.


The Common Pitfalls and Complications: How We Stop Having a Nightmare?
07:30-08.15 :  Registration
08.15-08.30 :  Open Ceremony

Session I : Commonly Encounter Fractures in Foot and Ankle Region: How to avoid making mistakes in a simple fracture?
08.30-08.45 : Fracture base of 5th Metatarsal bone: Do we need to fix: if we fix, how to make it simple and avoid common complications?
08.45-09.00 : Complications of Tri-malleolar Ankle fracture: Knowing is better than wondering
09.00-09.15 : Talar fracture: Best approach for fixation: How to save the talar's artery and avoid common complications?
09.15-09.30 : Calcaneus fracture: Tips and tricks to keep the flap alive and prevent common complications?
09.30-09.45 : Pilon Fracture: How to make a perfect reduction and lessen common complications
09.45-10.00 : Soft Tissue Defect in foot and ankle injury: What choice do we have to take care the defect?
10.00-10.15 : Discussion
10.15-10.30 : Coffee break

Session II : The Common Diseases in foot and ankle: Should We Fight or Flight?
10.30-10.50 : Bunion Correction: How do we prevent and solve recurrence hallux valgus and common complications?
10.50-11.10 : Interdigital (Morton) Neuroma/Neuritis: What is the best option for me, excision or implantation?
11.10-11.30 : Flatfoot Deformity Correction: Tips and tricks to get good outcomes.
11.30-11.50 : A Reconstruction of Cavovarus foot: How to correct this bad-looking deformity?
11.50-12.00 : Discussion
12.00-13.00 : Lunch

Session III : Common Sports Injury in Foot and Ankle: How to help patients return?
13.00-13.20 : Lateral ankle sprain: How to get success from conservative treatment? ' Tips and Tricks'
13.20-13.40 : Gastro-soleus Complex: Anatomy, Biomechanics and Clinical Application in Foot and Ankle Problems.
13.40-14.00 : Gastrocnemius and Achilles Lenthening Procedure: Current techniques update and Tip and Trick to prevent complications.
14.00-14.20 : Ankle and Subtalar Joint Arthroscopy : Pearls and Pitfalls and how to avoid complications?
14.20-14.40 : Subtalar Joint Arthritis: Making a correct diagnosis and choosing the proper  techniques of treatment.
14.40-15.00 : Achilles Tendon Repair: Do I need a surgery and what are my options?
15.00-15.20 : Osteochondral Lesion of The Talus: What do we have now?
15.20-15.30 : Discussion
15.30-15.50 : Panel Discussion: The interesting cases in foot and ankle.
15.50-16.00 : Close Ceremony.
16.00          : Adjourn.